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Passion + Fruit

Much has changed since we supplied our first supermarket orders in 1979. Today, we deliver fruit year-round from around the world. Sure, we’ve grown to be an innovative, global company, but we have always remained true to our core values.

Global Reach

We take beautiful produce from over 40 countries across 6 continents and deliver it to the shelves of UK retailers with as little handling as possible. It sounds incredibly simple. Behind the story, though, is state of the art technology, a worldwide infrastructure and constant innovation.

Global Origins

We pride ourselves on sourcing, supporting and supplying the best produce from the best growers. Then we simply deliver it in pristine condition. We specialize in year-round organic, exotic, soft fruit and stone fruit. And we’re always thinking ahead.

Our Growing Family

The core of our business is a global network of more than 150 growers. And guess what. They’re just as passionate as we are.

Spotless Performance

It takes hard work, great relationships and considerable expertise to deliver consistently ripe fruit with no blemishes and just the right colour and crunch. We use the latest technology to maximise yields.

Committed to Excellence

We want to make sure the end customer is consistently delighted with the experience. We go to enormous lengths to find out what consumers are thinking.

Ethical Foundations

dps is committed to social, ethical and environmental responsibility and has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. We have a Code of Practice that must be adhered to, and zero tolerance for those who don’t.

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