The most advanced technologies in the industry

You’ve lovingly nurtured each seed, sapling and bud to produce the best fruit possible. So how do we get the perfect peach all the way to the UK in the same condition as when it left the tree? How do we maximise yield, save on transport costs and increase acceptance at the retailer?

Smart Growing

Why are we helping to increase production of the British apricot? Because consumers told us that their favourite apricots of the year were the beautifully blushed French varieties of fruit and that they love buying British. That’s why we entered into a joint venture with one of our British growers to produce the future of British Apricots.

Packaging Innovation

Sometimes, it’s not just high end machinery that makes the difference. We saw that customers weren’t noticing kiwi fruit sold loose, in punnets, or in nets. Our solution? We helped introduce the Kiwi Pouch, the distinctive packaging making the fruit easier to identify.

Quality Control

We work relentlessly to assess the quality of all of the fruit we supply whether it be through temperature tracking from farm to depot or cherry packing lines which photograph the fruit 60 times a second to check for imperfections.

Ultra-modern Packing Hub

We are constantly striving to simplify the journey from farm to customer, To make the process quicker, we entered into a joint venture with Fowler Welch Coolchain in Teynham, Kent. The fruit benefits from state-of-the-art packing lines and ripening rooms, while customers receive their fruit faster and fresher.